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Selling Your Home

The Pet Factor

There’s a lot to do when preparing to sell your home. If you’re one of the more than 84 million American households with at least one pet, your to-do list is a bit longer. But it’s a list you should pay close attention to.

Here’s what should go on that bill to maximize your list price and increase the number of buyers interested in your home.

  • Replace chewed and scratched up baseboards, other wood molding, doors, and door frames

  • Replace scratched flooring—if you have hardwood floors, consider refinishing them

  • Professionally clean all fabric-covered furniture and window dressings

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2022 LAFCU Scholarships

Winners Honored

The winners of the 2022 Jack C. Mathews College Scholarship competition from Los Angeles Federal Credit Union were honored recently during a video conference. Five deserving LAFCU members were each awarded $2,000, including four high school students attending college in the fall, and a college student.

The recipients were honored by Richard Lie, LAFCU’s President/CEO, who presided over the meeting also attended by LAFCU staff who reviewed the 77 scholarship applications. Each application included an essay (about how best to promote LAFCU services during the pandemic), the applicant’s extracurricular & community-service activities, letters of recommendation, and grade transcripts. 

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Earth Matters

Consuming Less

Consuming less is all about improving quality of life—for ourselves as well as for the planet. It doesn’t require a complete conversion to minimalism or living off the grid! All it requires are incremental changes and lifestyle choices that transform how we think about buying and consuming everyday items.

Studies have shown, across multiple countries and cultures, that owning less clutter and being more intentional with our purchases lowers stress and frees us to practice gratitude more frequently.

Like all new habits, learning to consume less will take planning and thought as we change the way we think, spend money, and value items.

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