Emergency Relief Services

Your money is safe at LAFCU. We are federally insured and protected by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). No insured savings has ever been lost by a member of a federally-insured credit union. Read more on myCreditUnion.gov

Many services we offer can be performed in the comfort of your own home or remotely.  Only visit branches for essential financial needs and we highly recommend making a branch appointment before meeting with a “Member Service Representative,” and all branch visitors must minimally wear a “non-medical cloth face covering.”

LAFCU is here to help you at any time. If you are experiencing an emergency financial situation, our Emergency Relief webpage has many optional solutions for you.

Access to Funds

LAFCU Mobile app: Available free for Apple & Google operating systems

Use the app to:

• Apply for a loan 
• Deposit PAPER check instead of visiting a branch
• Locate ATMs & Shared Branches
• Make a branch appointment
• Pay bills
• Place Alerts, Locks & Blocks on a credit card & debit card
• Place a “stop payment” on a check
• Review loan, credit card & savings account balances, transactions & history
• Transfer funds between accounts
• Withdraw funds by getting a paper check mailed to you

Mobile & Online Banking: Register for Online Banking from our website ... then conduct transactions on your account, securely email any questions, locate local and nationwide ATMs & Shared Branches, apply for a loan, open an account, make a branch appointment, pay bills, deposit paper checks (from mobile), set up & manage alerts for your account & credit cards, view statements, set travel notices on your credit card, place check stop-payments, set & manage savings goals, conduct a financial health check up, & view a spending forecast.

Mobile Wallet: Prior to shopping in stores (& to avoid handling cash or credit cards), download Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay into your mobile phone’s mobile wallet, then link it to your LAFCU debit card &/or credit card. Enjoy a contactless payment experience with this wallet by holding your phone above the store’s card reader.

ATM access:  Need access to cash?  We have 30,000 local and national ATMs through the CO-OP network with no fee, including LAFCU ATMs at branches and other LA city locations.  Get cash back when visiting a grocery store.


Skip-A-Payment: I would like to skip my consumer loan payment. What can I do?
Visit the “Contact Us” page, then in the “Ask a Question” section, choose “Skip A Payment’ in the “Please select from List” dropdown menu. There is a $30 fee per skip beginning October 1, 2021.

How can I access my LAFCU accounts?
Visit Access to Funds on this Emergency Relief page.

Can I access ATMs?
Yes, there are fee-free ATMs located at each of our branches, and over 30,000 local and national ATMs. Some accept deposits.

What are your branch hours?
Visit the “Branches & ATMs” page. To save time before you visit a branch, first Make a Branch Appointment.

Financial Hardship: Is LAFCU offering any type of hardship assistance? 
Read about how we are helping members in the “Financial Assistance” section, including skip-a-pay and special loan programs.

Government Assistance: Who else can help LAFCU members?
Certain government agencies have programs specifically for those impacted by the Coronavirus.

Loans in Process: When will I be contacted about a loan I applied for recently?
Due to the high number of loans we are processing, it might take us two business days to respond to you. Please be patient, your requests are very important to us.

My Income Ceased: I am no longer receiving a regular paycheck. Can you help me pay my bills?
Yes, call us and ask how we can help you. Read about all the ways we are helping our members in the “Financial Assistance” section of this website.

Phishing Scams: I got a call, email or text message from someone saying they represented LAFCU related to Coronavirus help, and they asked me for personal information. I have not previously inquired about a loan or financial assistance. What should I do?
Do not provide any information. These emails and phone calls are not from LAFCU since we do not make calls or send emails asking for personal information. Be aware of “phishing”-type emails or phone calls, especially now during this Coronavirus pandemic. “Phishing” happens when someone pretends to be an actual company who tries to persuade you to provide information, then use it to access your credit union accounts.  If you believe you are being “phished,” hang up the phone. If you think you provided data to a “phisher,” contact us immediately & also set up free Alerts on your accounts.

Calling Us:  When I call LAFCU, should I expect longer than usual wait times?
Yes, you could have longer wait times since many members are now calling more than before the Coronavirus became a local and international pandemic. You will be glad to know that many reasons why you are calling could be handled yourself using our 24/7 self-service options, such as online & mobile banking, and our LAFCU Mobile app on your mobile phone

Safety: What is LAFCU doing to ensure responsible business operations?
We are taking proactive measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (C.D.C.) and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. LAFCU staff is trained for this type of emergency situation, including keeping our facilities clean and increasing the sanitizing frequency of commonly-touched surfaces.  Please see Access to Funds for safe ways to access your funds. Branch visits are welcome on a limited basis and appointments are recommended, and all branch visitors must minimally wear a “non-medical cloth face covering”. However, you are strongly encouraged to follow the “Stay at Home” orders from the State of California, using online tools and mobile banking from the comfort of your own home.  

Travel: I cancelled my travel plans but the charges on my LAFCU Visa credit card or debit card have not been removed. What should I do?
If you suffer a loss due to cancelled or interrupted travel, contact the vendor first, then contact us if you need more help.

Fees Waived

ATM access fees waived at LAFCU ATMs and 30,000 CO-OP ATMs. Find a location near you.

Early withdrawal penalty fees waived on our Share Savings Certificates.


Financial Assistance

Skip-A-Payment on Consumer Loans at $30 fee per skip (effective October 1, 2021)
Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan. Combine your higher-rate loan payments with other lenders into one low payment at LAFCU. Choose “Debt Consolidation” from the “Select a purpose” list.

Temporary Financial Hardship. Need financial assistance beyond a one month skip-a-pay?  Call us at 877-695-2328 (Special Service menu option #) to discuss your options, including repayment plans, reduced payments, modifications, deferments, forbearance plans, etc.

Apply for an Emergency Loan. Personal Unsecured loan up to $5,000. Choose “Emergency” from the “Select a purpose” list.

Apply for a Share Savings-Secured Loan. Borrow funds up to the amount you have on deposit in your Savings or Share-Certificate account. Select “Other” from the “Select a purpose” list.

Helpful Links

California Department of Public Health (C.D.P.H.) 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.)

World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

Employment Assistance
Employment Development Department (EDD)

Federal Financial Assistance & General Programs

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Business Owners
Small Business Administration (SBA)
LA City Small Business Emergency Microloan Program

Other Links
CA State Coronavirus Information
Keep LA Safe During the Coronavirus
Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles
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