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As of 9-28-22

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Watch Your Dough Grow at 2.02% APY*

If you have "new money" to invest and want to earn 2.02% APY* for 2 years, open our special Share Certificate from 7/12/22 to 9/30/22 and watch your dough grow. The minimum opening deposit is only $500 and the maximum is $200,000. To open a Certificate, call us during business hours at (877) 695-2328 or visit a branch.


*APY = Annual Percentage Yield for this Share Savings Certificate (Certificate) promotion. Term is 24 consecutive months after the Certificate is opened. The minimum opening deposit per certificate is $500 and the maximum is $200,000. A Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU) member can open multiple Certificates if the opening balance of each one is between $500 to $200,000. This Certificate (called a Certificate of Deposit, or CD, as other financial institutions) can only be opened at LAFCU from July 12, 2022 to September 30, 2022, and this offer is subject to change or may be discontinued without notice. During the term, the Dividend is 2.00% and the APY is 2.02%. The APY projects a rate if the dividends remain on deposit for one year and are not withdrawn. The actual APY will be calculated to three decimal points. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal and no additional deposits allowed after the Certificate is opened. Fees may reduce earnings. Offer applies to “new money,” which are funds deposited at LAFCU within thirty (30) days from the date the Certificate was opened. Only LAFCU members have access to our services, including Certificates. When this Certificate matures, it will automatically renew to our Regular 24-month Share Savings Certificate at the rate in effect at maturity.

Zelle® P2P Service is Here

We are pleased to announce that the Zelle® person-to-person (P2P) payment service is now available to LAFCU members.

Zelle is a fast, safe & easy way to send funds 24/7 to people you know & trust in the USA, like family and friends. There are no fees to use Zelle and money moves within minutes. The maximum transaction limit is $1,000 weekly. Funds can be sent from your LAFCU checking, savings or money market accounts.

It is easy to enroll in Zelle by clicking "Transfer" from your LAFCU mobile app or "Make a Transfer" from online banking, click "Zelle," then complete four simple steps to enroll your mobile phone number. You must have the current version of the LAFCU mobile banking app to use Zelle, which is 7.4.0 (iPhone) or 6.10.5 (Android).

LAFCU members who currently use the standalone app with their LAFCU debit card need to enroll inside our mobile app or online banking by 7/27/22, to continue using Zelle from their LAFCU account.

For more details, visit the Zelle page in the "Services" section of our website.

For tips on how to safely use Zelle, visit our Security Center page.


"My Offers" Always-On Pre-Approved Loans 

LAFCU is pleased to have "My Offers," a place in our mobile app & online banking where you can view & redeem pre-approved loans or apply for one, when you want it, 24/7/365. Instead of waiting to get a mailed notification, your updated offers are now always available so you can choose one when you are ready. With My Offers, there are three easy ways to get a loan:

My Offers is another way LAFCU is becoming more "mobile first" to make accessing our services more convenient, and to enhance your member experience.  For details, visit the My Offers page. 


Live it Up with a Home Loan

We offer low home loan rates on 15 & 30-year fixed & adjustable-rate options, flexible financing and a FREE 45-day rate lock. FHA and VA loans are also available. If you already have a home loan, ask about our refinancing opportunities, and find out if we can save you  money by lowering your current rate.