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Your Career Path



Plan B – Nearby Alternatives

This could also be called “Plans B – Y” because it includes the pursuit of career opportunities that, while not your Plan A, meet some of your larger lifestyle and career goals and can easily be achieved without too much investment in additional training or education.

Make a list of careers that are tangential or closely connected to your current position, either with your current employer or elsewhere. List what it would take to transition to these roles and what new skills you could acquire to better position you for Plan A. Having this detailed list on hand will keep you prepared for new opportunities.

Plan Z – Fallback

This, in addition to several well-researched Plan Bs, is what helps remove the risk and fear of pursuing your Plan A. Plan Z is a worst-case scenario fallback plan that remains a pursuable option while you explore Plan Bs or Plan A. Plan Z should be easily achievable and pay all of your fixed expenses (although it might involve cutting expenses and rewriting your budget, for a while).

Most importantly, your Plan Z should be a place you know you can build up from and begin pursuing a new Plan A or B. It will reduce the real and perceived risk of making a leap to pursue Plan A because you know exactly where you’ll land if it doesn’t work out and how to regroup and work your way back up.

As with all career plans, make time at least once a year to review Plans A – Z and make any necessary adjustments.



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