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Shopping Hacks



Children’s clothing – Kids grow fast. Trying to keep up with the latest fashions is near impossible. Not to mention, children are renowned for creating stains. Why spend thousands of dollars on clothing that will get covered in colors you don’t want to know where they came from? Resale shops and thrift stores are always full of quality hand-me-down clothing that was probably only worn a time or two.

Appliances – How often do you actually use your blender? Your toaster? That stand mixer you just had to have on your wedding registry? Paying full price, or even sale price, for home appliances you rarely use is throwing away your money. They rarely break, and even if they look a little dinged up, they’re going to work just fine—possibly better than new ones, actually.

Buying used sometimes takes a little more effort, but when you get into the groove you start to find places that often have the things you’re looking for. The bargains are out there, you just need to discover them.

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