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Fuel Efficiency



Myth: Fuel additives or aftermarket devices can drastically improve fuel efficiency.
Reality: While some fuel additives and aftermarket devices claim to improve gas mileage, many studies have shown that their effect is negligible. It's best to stick with regular vehicle maintenance and fueling up at reputable gas stations.

Myth: Using neutral while going downhill saves fuel.
Reality: Modern vehicles are designed to cut off fuel supply when decelerating, so putting your car in neutral while going downhill doesn't provide any significant fuel savings. It can also be dangerous as it reduces your control over the vehicle.

Myth: Adding extra air to your tires will improve fuel efficiency.
Reality: Overinflating your tires beyond the manufacturer's recommended pressure can lead to uneven wear and reduced traction, compromising safety. It's best to maintain proper tire pressure according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

If you want to save fuel while driving, there are a few things you can do to see real improvement in your mileage. Drive with more caution, avoiding sudden starts and stops. Keep your car well maintained—not just the engine, but the body too. Aerodynamics can get thrown off by the smallest dents or missing trim pieces. Keep your tires properly inflated. And avoid hauling around weight that you don’t need.


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