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Financial Planning



Big-picture Thinking

It’s easiest to make small, repeated strategic money decisions when you keep the end goal in mind. The big picture should remind you of what you value most—e.g. being debt-free, being able to travel, affording a graduate degree—and keeping it in mind will allow you to see how you are progressing to achieve it.


Self-confidence and contentment go hand-in-hand. You’re more likely to make an emotional financial decision when you begin comparing yourself to your peers who may seem to have the latest and greatest of everything and their lives all figured out—on Instagram, at least. Constant comparison will steal your time, energy, happiness, and money. Instead, cultivate contentment and self-confidence.

Critical Thinking

When you refuse to be rushed, arm yourself with information, and remove the influence of advertising and peer pressure when making a purchase, you might find that being smarter with your money becomes easier. With everything from investments to everyday purchases, take your time, ask questions, and trust that you should be able to understand any financial move and how it benefits you. If you can’t do those three things, consider it an unwise move.

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