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personal and debt consolidation Loans

Increase your cash flow without the high rates or headaches with our low rate personal loans and lines of credit. Whether you’re looking to consolidate bills, pay for taxes or an unexpected expense, we can help you get quick access to cash when you need it. Plus, the payments are affordable and the terms are flexible.

Personal Unsecured

  • Low, fixed interest rate
  • Low monthly payment
  • Terms up to 60 months

Personal Unsecured Emergency Loan

  • Personal loan & savings account-builder program to help you re-establish credit.
  • Terms up to 48 months and $5,000 maximum loan.
  • Must be minimum 18 years old and verify ability to make loan payments.
  • Loan payments may be made via payroll deduction.
  • If you also open an Emergency Saving Account you qualify for a 0.50% discount on your Emergency Loan rate if you sign up to:
    1. make automatic payments on the Emergency Loan and
    2. make automatic monthly deposits of at least $25 to the Emergency Savings Account.

Personal Computer Unsecured

  • Finance up to $10,000
  • Terms up to 48 months
  • Hardware and software included

Personal Line of Credit

  • Low, variable rate
  • Overdraft Protection for Regular Checking
  • Line of credit checks available

Savings-Secured Loan

  • Borrow up to 100% of the balance
  • Continue to earn dividends
  • Terms up to 72 months

Share Certificate-Secured Loan

  • Borrow up to 80% of the balance
  • Low interest rate
  • Terms up to 60 months

Did you Know?

Credit Repair Loan Program

We’ll help you rebuild your credit by setting up automated payments to your creditors through Direct Deposit.
Call (877) 695-2328 for details.

Debt Consolidation

With a low, fixed interest rate and low monthly payment, our debt consolidation can help you manage your bills.
Call (877) 695-2328 for details.

Debt Protection Plan

In case of involuntary unemployment, disability, or death, our debt protection will cancel all or part of your debt.
Call (877) 695-2328 for details.

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