Young Adult Freedom Club

Your Life. Your Choices.

Experiencing your first taste of freedom from high school, college or your parents´ home? Independence just got a lot easier with a range of financial choices that will fit your budget and lifestyle. If you´re between the ages of 18 and 25, you´re eligible for LAFCU´s Young Adult Freedom Club. Now, it´s your turn to call the shots!

  • Only $5 to Join LAFCU1
  • FREE Checking Account2
  • FREE Standard Checks3
  • No-Fee Check Card (for ATM, POS & debit card access)
  • $100 minimum "Starter" Share Certificate with terms up to 60 months, and additional deposits of $50 or more are allowed anytime without changing the rate or term, until the balance reaches $10,0004
  • LAFCU´s "Cash Rule$" Financial Education Program including FREE eMusic downloads after completion of online tutorials and FREE advice on everything from buying a car to paying for school.
  • $1000 creditline Visa® Platinum with no rewards credit card (only 2.9% APR for the first six months), or a $1000 Personal Loan5
  • Apply for a $20,000 no-money-down vehicle loan6
  • Pre-paid debit card

Already Established Credit?

Take advantage of these loan offerings and financial products:

Click to access "Guides to Independence", a fun site with interactive courses, activities and quizzes to learn money management skills.


1Balance must be $50 within six months of joining to avoid a monthly fee.
2Only $50 minimum opening deposit is required; balances over $500 earn interest.
3Receive one free box of standard LAFCU checks upon account opening. Click for details.
4Only for LAFCU members who are age 25 and under when applying.
5APR= Annual Percentage Rate. At the end of the six-month 2.9 % APR "Introductory Period," your entire Visa card balance reverts to the regular APR for which you originally qualified. When applying for the credit card, you must have an income source, and your credit report must show no negative credit. You can always apply for additional credit.
6Normal credit criteria may also apply, a loan co-signer may be required, and you can always apply for additional credit.