Visa®Credit Cards: 4 Low-Rate Options
Shop LA City Platinum Plus with CURewards

• Up to $50,000 credit & variable rates from 9.90%APR
• Earn triple rewards points when shopping in Los Angeles, CA areas

• Up to $50,000 credit & Fixed Rates from 8.49% APR*
• Our lowest-rate credit card.
Student Platinum

• Up to $1,000 credit & Fixed Rates from 12.65% APR*
• The perfect first card for qualifying students
Share Secured Platinum

• Up to $50,000 credit secured by your LAFCU savings account
• 10% APR* Fixed Rate

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR will increase to 17.90% on your entire Account balance and continue for 6 consecutive months if payment is delinquent for 2 or more consecutive cycles. Initial APR is based on credit/underwriting criteria.