U.S. Engineers Credit Union Members: Welcome to LAFCU

Welcome to Los Angeles Federal Credit Union … your financial source for life. We are happy you have joined our financial family. To make the transition from U.S.E. credit union smoother, below are frequently asked questions and their answers.

REFER a member by September 30, 2014 and earn $25 for each person under age 18 you refer to LAFCU … if the person being referred signs up for LAFCU e-Statements and gets an e-Branch PIN within 90 days of becoming a LAFCU member. You can earn $50 for each person over age 18 you refer to LAFCU … if the person being referred has an aggregate $5,000 in LAFCU loans and savings within 90 days of becoming a LAFCU member.

When referring someone, please fill out and submit the online referral form or visit a LAFCU branch and ask an employee to print out the form for you. All referrals must be received by LAFCU prior to September 30, 2014. If mailing the referral, send it to:
Attn: Marketing Dept/U.S.E. Referral
PO Box 53032, Los Angeles, CA 90053.

For further help:
  • Call (877) MY LAFCU (695-2328)
  • e-Mail: MemberServices@lafcu.org
  • Fax: (818) 242-5812
  • Visit our website: www.LAFCU.org (includes e-Branch online account access & e-Bill Pay).
  • Write: LAFCU c/o P.O. Box 53032, Los Angeles, CA 90053

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Access: Mobile
Q: Can I use a smartphone to access my LAFCU accounts?
A: Yes, with our free, 24/7 service "MyLAFCU Mobile." Download the free app for your iPhone or Android-enabled device by searching for the app called "MyLAFCU Mobile." You must first set up your e-Branch online account-access account (call us during business hours for help) since the mobile app uses the same user name and password.

Account Access: Online
Q: How can I access my LAFCU account online?
A: Use our free, 24/7 "e-Branch" service from www.LAFCU.org using any device (including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets) with an Internet connection. Call us at during business hours to set up a free PIN. As of 7/1/14, online information of your former USE loans and/or savings accounts and any new LAFCU activity will start creating new history. When you access e-Branch for the first time you will be prompted to change your temporary PIN to a more secure version.

Account Number
Q: Will my five-digit USE member number remain the same at LAFCU?
A: Yes.

ATM & Check Card:
Q: What will happen to my USE “ATM & Check Card”?
A: If you have an active USE card, it can be used until about 7pm on June 30, 2014. Prior to this date you will be issued a new LAFCU "Check Card" and new PIN that you can activate and start using after 1pm on July 1, 2014. The LAFCU card is a combination ATM, debit, and Point-Of-Sale card.

Branch at 915 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 920
Q: Will this branch remain open after the 7/1/14 merger?
A: Yes, and the new hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Branches of LAFCU:
Q: What are the regular business hours and addresses of LAFCU's branches, and is parking free?
A: Parking is free at all branches, 30-minute validation is provided at the LA Mall & Wilshire branches, and branch hours vary:

  • All branches except our LA Mall branch are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm Friday, and 9am to 1pm Saturday.
  • LA Mall branch is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 5pm on LA City Payday Wednesdays.
  • Our new Wilshire branch is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Culver City...3850 Culver Center Drive
  • El Monte...9204 Flair Drive, Suite A
  • Gardena...1352 W. Artesia Blvd
  • Glendale...300 South Glendale Avenue
  • LA Mall (Downtown LA)...201 N. Los Angeles Street, Space 201 (2nd floor)
  • Van Nuys...6411 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 1-R
  • Wilshire (Downtown LA)…915 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 920

Checking Account & Checks:
Q: Can I continue to use my USELAFCU checks after 7/1/14?
A: Yes, USE checks can be used for your new LAFCU Regular Checking account and any current automatic credits or debits will continue without interruption. This account will earn monthly interest if you meet LAFCU qualifications. This account is free if you are age 17 & younger or age 55 & older, or have a combined savings, checking & loan aggregate household account balance of $5,000+, or have $1,000+ average monthly checking balance, or have monthly Direct Deposit and online e-Statements. If you do not meet these requirements, there will be a $5 monthly fee.

Check Holds (funds availability):
Q: What is LAFCU's policy?
A: Any check presented to us can be held up to seven business days. For details, call us, or see our Master Agreements & Disclosure booklet that was mailed to you in May, or visit our website and read about "Funds Availability" (on the "Notices" page).

Club Account:
Q: If I have this account now, what will happen to it after 7/1/14?
A: It will stay the same until its November 15, 2014 maturity, and will transfer to your LAFCU checking or savings account at that time. Club accounts continuing or opened after November 15 will become a “Holiday Account” at LAFCU’s rates and terms.

Direct Deposit of Paychecks
Q: How can I set up direct deposit of my paycheck or any recurring check to my LAFCU checking or savings account?
A: Fill out a form in our branches, or visit the “Applications and Forms” page on www.LAFCU.org to download, fill out then mail the “Direct Deposit Request” form to us.

Q: Where can I view LAFCU's current disclosures and notices?
A: On our “Notices” website page, or during business hours at a branch, or call us at (877) MY LAFCU and request that we mail them to you.

Q: Who is LAFCU?
A: LAFCU was founded in 1936 to serve city of Los Angeles employees and their immediate family members. In 2006 LAFCU founded the Los Angeles Charitable Association, Inc. (LACA), which allowed anyone living in the Greater Los Angeles area who donated a minimum of $1 to LACA to then join LAFCU. LACA gives 100% of its donations to other charities in Southern California. Today, LAFCU is a full-service financial institution serving over 52,000 members. Aside from our 6 branches and 23 ATMs in LA County, members can transact business at 5,000 nationwide Shared Branches and 30,000 nationwide CO-OP Network ATMs (for locations, visit www.allCo-op.org or call (888) 748-3266).

Q: If I have a USE loan now, what will happen to it after 7/1/14?
A: It will remain at its current rates and terms. Any new loan opened on or after 7/1/14 will follow LAFCU's rates and terms.

Loan Applications
Q: How can I apply for a LAFCU loan?
A: In our branches during regular business hours, 24/7 on our website, or call us and press option 2.

Q: Who is eligible to join LAFCU and how can they join?
A: All of your family and friends who live in most counties of Southern California, and immediate family living anywhere can become a member and enjoy the same benefits you do. To become a member during business hours, visit a branch or call us.

To join 24/7, visit www.LAFCU.org, click the "Become a Member" link from the homepage, then on the “Disclosure” page in the “How do you Qualify for Membership?” section, make a selection based on who you are:

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers employee: Select “USA Corps of Engineers” from the “I am an employee of another qualified company or association” dropdown list.
  • Family member of United States Army Corps of Engineers employee: Select “USA Corps Engineers Employee” in the “I am related to a LAFCU Member who is” dropdown list.
  • Everyone else (except LA City employees): Select “I am a resident of Southern CA & want to join LAFCU through the Los Angeles Charitable Association.”

Merger Vote:
Q: When and where did a majority of USELAFCU (USE) members vote to merge with LAFCU?
A: A meeting occurred on April 16, 2014 of USE members in a conference room on the 9th floor of 915 Wilshire Blvd. All USE members were also mailed a paper ballot on March 26 that said all ballots must mailed or brought to the USE branch by April 16. Of the members who voted, 83% chose to merge with LAFCU.

Name of USE Credit Union:
Q: Will the name "United States Engineers Los Angeles Federal Credit Union" (USELAFCU) be used after the merger date of 7/1/14?
A: No. The name will no longer be used. Your accounts will be securely transferred to Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU) and you will automatically become members of LAFCU.

Rates & Fees:
Q: Where can I view LAFCU's current rates and fees?
A: On the “Rates” or “Fees” page on our website, at any branch or call us during business hours and ask us to mail them to you.

Services at LAFCU
Q: What new LAFCU services can I use after 7/1/14?
A: Dozens, including:

  • Online banking (e-Branch)
  • Online bill paying (e-Bill Pay)
  • Mobile banking (MyLAFCU Mobile app)
  • Vehicle-buying, investment, and insurance services in our branches or by phone.
  • 1st and 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage loans.
  • Money Market Savings Accounts.
  • Free Automatic Enrollment in our Looney Tunes Savings Club for children age 12 & under.
  • Teen Scene Savings Club for members age 13-17.
  • Young Adult Freedom Club for members age 18-25.
  • Premier Club for members age 55+.
  • VIP Account Levels

Share Certificates & IRA Accounts:
Q: If I have any of these USE accounts now, what will happen to them after 7/1/14?
A: They will stay the same until maturity. If you roll-over the account after its maturity date, it will transfer to a similar-length certificate account at LAFCU’s current rates and terms. Rates for all IRA share accounts will be based on LAFCU’s dividend rates for Share Certificate accounts.

Share Savings Account:
Q: What minimum balance must each LAFCU member maintain in this account?
A: $5. However, to waive the $2 monthly fee, members age 18 or older must maintain a $50 minimum balance (aggregate from their savings, certificates, IRA’s, and checking accounts) by December 31, 2014. All new members must maintain this minimum within six months of joining LAFCU.

Q: When will I start getting monthly paper statements with my new LAFCU account info?
A: In July 2014 you will receive your final USE statement dated June 30, 2014, and then your next monthly or quarterly paper statement will be from LAFCU. You can easily opt to get free, environmentally-friendly ONLINE statements instead of paper versions by visiting e-Branch (after calling us during regular business hours to get your PIN), then click the “e-Statements & PreAppr” tab, click “Delivery Options”, then select “Electronic.”

Telephone Account Access:
Q: How can I get account info 24/7 by phone after 7/1/14?
A: MARS, the USE telephone account access Member Automated Response System (M.A.R.S.), will be replaced by LAFCU's TouchTel-24 free automated service. Visit the “TouchTel-24” page on www.LAFCU.org for details and to view/print a code guide. Call us during business hours to set up a PIN that is required for access.

Visa Credit Card:
Q: If I have a USELAFCU card, what will happen to it after 7/1/14?
A: Your card will continue to work without interruption. For a new card, you can apply for various LAFCU Visa cards on our website, at a branch, or by calling us during regular business hours.

V.I.P. Reward Accounts:
Q: How do I know which account I have?
A: Your Value, Imperial, or Premier level will appear at the bottom of the last page of your LAFCU monthly statements … with the first statement available the first week of August 2014. Each level has a different set of benefits, including loan rate discounts from 0.125% to 0.375%, and a certain number of free ATM transactions.
More details of all V.I.P. benefits

The requirements are:
  • Value: have Direct Deposit at LAFCU of any recurring check or a monthly household balance of LAFCU accounts from $1,000 to $4,999
  • Imperial: balance $5,000 to $24,999
  • Premier: balance $25,000 to $94,999
  • Premier Plus: balance $100,000+