Teen Scene Club

Our teenage members have access to many of the same LAFCU services as their parents. All it takes is a parent or guardian as a joint accountholder for teens age 13-17 to qualify for these accounts: Regular Savings, Holiday Account, Checking Account, a $100 minimum Share Certificate with terms up to 60 months,* ATM card, or Check Card, and e-Branch services. With a parent or guardian as co-signer, teens can also apply for a LAFCU Visa® card, Personal Computer loan, and Personal Unsecured Loan. Contact us for details.

Teens can learn about finances at Googolplex, a safe, wholesome website "e-Zine" with educational and fun info and games. Check out our easy to use Pre-paid debit card.

Click to access "Guides to Independence", a fun site with interactive courses, activities and quizzes to learn money management skills.


* Additional deposits of $50 or more are allowed anytime without changing the rate or term.