Branches (Shared Credit Unions)

If you're away from home, there's a good chance that LAFCU is still near you. Thanks to a cooperative effort from a network of over 1,800 participating credit unions, the Shared Credit Union Branch network brings credit union services to you.

At any Shared Branch, you have access to your LAFCU accounts and the following transactions and requests, including:

  • Check cashing
  • Deposits and cash withdrawals
  • Loan payments
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Purchase of money orders, travelers checks and cashier's checks
  • Balance inquires
  • Cash advances
  • Loan application services at some locations
  • Additional office services at some locations

There are currently over 5,000 Shared Branch locations at over 1,800 credit unions in the United States and the numbers are increasing daily. Click here for locations and a link to SmartPhone Apps - You can also request e-mail alerts when new locations are added. For locations, call (888) 748-3266 or visit

When you're ready to visit a Shared Branch, just bring your LAFCU account number and photo ID to any credit union displaying the CU Service Center logo.

Access at 7-Eleven Stores

Over 2,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide (over 100 in Los Angeles county) with Vcom® brand ( ATMs allow surcharge-free 24/7 "Shared Branch" transactions. At these ATMs you can deposit a check (normal hold periods apply), make loan payments by transferring funds from a LAFCU account, take a cash advance from a qualified LAFCU Visa® credit card, and conduct normal ATM transactions like withdrawing cash, transferring funds between accounts, and viewing account balances.

At these Vcom ATMs, use the touch screen and enter LAFCU's name as "Los Angeles FCU," then receive a detailed printed receipt when finished with your transactions. The first time you use this ATM you'll be instructed to complete a secure registration to confirm your identity and set up a PIN. For Vcom access, use your ATM card or Check Card, and if you forget to take the card when done, it will be taken by the ATM and destroyed for your protection. For assistance, there is a free 24/7 customer service phone next to the ATM.