For LAFCU members preparing to start college or attending college, LAFCU offers the "Jack C. Mathews College Scholarship Fund" to help offset the increasing cost of education amidst a challenging economy. This scholarship honors the late Mr. Mathews who retired from the LAFCU Board in 2011 after 34 years of dedicated service.

You are eligible to apply for this scholarship if you are a LAFCU member who is either:
  • A high school senior with a 2.5 GPA+ who will graduate in 2014, then attend a college, university or trade school.
  • A college, university or trade school student with a 2.5 GPA+ who will attend school in Fall 2014.

Based on the essay, extracurricular activities and community service of eligible applicants, LAFCU will award $6,000 in scholarships, including three at $1,000 each, and six at $500 each. The application with complete rules is located below. Please print this webpage, or cut and paste it into a word processing document, then fill it out. You can also click to download a PDF version of this application.

Scholarship Application
The deadline when LAFCU must receive all applications is April 30, 2014. The LAFCU scholarship selection committee will make all award decisions and the winners will be notified by May 15, 2014. If you are a high school senior under age 18 who is not yet a LAFCU member, ask your parent or guardian to call us to open your membership prior to filling out and submitting the application. For questions, call (877) MY LAFCU (695-2328), ext. 6457, or email:

Mail you application along with all required documents to:
Scholarship Committee (c/o Mktg Dept)
Los Angeles Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 53032
Los Angeles, CA 90053-0032

Student´s (applicant´s) Name: _____________________________________________________________
.............................................First................... Middle Initial............. Last

Address: __________________________________________________________________ Apt#: ________

City: ________________________________________ State: _________________ Zip: _______________

Telephone # (_____) _____________________ e-Mail: ______________________________

Name(s) on LAFCU Account: ______________ Account #: _________ Birthdate: ___/___/___

Current High School or College: ____________________________________________________

School Address: _____________________ City: __________ State: ____ Zip ______

Grade Point Average: _____ SAT Score (if available): ______ ACT Score (if avail.): _______

Name of University, College, or Trade School you plan to Attend: __________________________________

Proposed Field of Study: ___________________________________________________

The following items are needed to be considered for a scholarship:
  • A copy of applicant´s most recent academic transcripts.
  • One letter of recommendation, which may come from a teacher, mentor, or a concerned adult who is not related to applicant.
  • A list of extracurricular activities or honors.
  • An outline of community service or involvement.
  • Verification of acceptance and/or enrollment in an accredited college, university or trade school.
  • Write a typed, four-page, double-spaced essay on the following question (Be advised that your essay may be used in full or part, in any way, by Los Angeles Federal Credit Union):

Compared to a bank or other financial institutions, how can a credit union better serve their members during the following financial stages of life: young adult (age 18 to 24), family (age 25 to 54), and retirement (age 55+)?”




Signature of Applicant (Student): ___________________________________________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian (if student is under 18): ________________________________________

Date: ______________________


FOR LAFCU USE ONLY: Date received_______________ Rcvd by____________________