Vehicle Search & Buying with
LAFCU Auto Buying Service (LABS)

Vehicle shopping comes to you with LAFCU Auto Buying Service. With this free service, sponsored by New Cars, Inc., LABS representatives are available on selected days at our branches to help you search and buy the new or used car, truck or SUV you want.

Your LABS representative does all the footwork for you. There's no hassle involved and in many cases, your car can be delivered within 24 hours, even to your office.

In addition to an extensive list of dealer contacts, LABS also has an outstanding selection of inspected pre-owned cars that have a 48-hour money-back guarantee. Visit the LABS website to view the available inventory.

LAFCU members state they save an average of $1,500 when buying a vehicle from LAFCU Auto Buying Service. They save even more when financing a vehicle with a low-rate LAFCU vehicle loan. To make an appointment with a LABS representative, call LAFCU at (877) 695-2328 ext. 6378 or email