Money Market Accounts

We offer two excellent Money Market account options. Both offer high rates while retaining the flexibility of a liquid savings account. Dividends are tiered and are compounded daily and paid quarterly. Access is also easy, free and convenient via e-Branch, (our online account access service), TouchTel -24 (our telephone account access service) and with personalized Money Market checks. Contact us to order checks.

"Regular" Money Market Account

This account pays rates higher than our regular shares and allows unlimited access at any branch. You can make up to 6 (six) pre-authorized or telephone withdrawals per calendar month and any can be by check.

The account can be opened at any branch or you can call or fax us to open the account with a minimum $2,500 opening balance.

"e-Money Market" High-Rate Account

This account pays our highest Money Market rates for balances over $2,500 (this amount is also the minimum opening balance) when you also maintain an active* LAFCU checking account and opt-in to receive e-Statements for your entire membership. You can access your e-Money Market account at no charge online via e-Branch, TouchTel -24, and with personalized Money Market Checks. And, unlike other online financial institutions, if you need to visit a branch or call our staff for a transaction, you can do that too, for a minimal fee. e-Money Market account access includes up to 6 pre-authorized or telephone withdrawals per calendar month and any can be by check. To apply for this account, click the below "Apply Now" button.

  • In order to start getting e-Statements in a future month, you must sign up for an e-Money Market Account by the 26th of the preceding month.
  • If your e-Money Market (eMM) account was converted back to a Regular Money Market account by LAFCU because one or more of the eMM's requirements was not followed by you, you can convert it back to an eMM account by clicking "Apply Now" below and re-applying.

for an e-Money Market account

* During each calendar month, the Checking account must have a combination of any five (5) of the following debit (withdrawal) transactions: ATM, Automated Clearing House (ACH), Check Card debit or POS, e-Bill Pay, or Share Draft Checks.