Membership Outreach

City of Los Angeles Employees and Volunteers:

If employees or volunteers of your L.A. city department or division are interested in learning more about joining or taking advantage of various products and services offered by LAFCU, your department may be eligible for on-site visits, presented by a LAFCU representative.

Employees can ask questions and receive information on the convenient, money and time-savings products and services available to them as lifetime LAFCU members.

Also, they can 1) sign up to become a member, 2) fill out loan applications, and 3) sign up for Direct Deposit, payroll deduction, and e-Branch Internet account access... all without having to leave the office!

The regular $5.00 membership fee will be waived for employees who sign up at the on-site location. Also, pick up additional membership applications to sign up your family members.

It's easy to schedule an on-site visit at your department:

  • Obtain your supervisor's permission to hold the on-site visit.
  • Designate one employee as the LAFCU contact person
  • Set a date and time (early morning or lunchtime is a great time for all employees to meet the credit union rep), and location (like the employee lunchroom or a conference room) for the visit
  • To reserve your on-site visit, call us at extension 6392, or e-Mail:
  • Once your reservation is confirmed, the LAFCU representative will send flyers to your department's contact person that promotes the on-site event.

Non City of L.A. Employees:

If you work for an employer that does not yet have credit union access, your company may be eligible to join LAFCU! For more information, call us at extension 6392, or e-Mail: To join individually, click to read about joining through the Los Angeles Charitable Association, Inc.