Membership Applications

The LAFCU Membership Application is in "Adobe Acrobat" format. If you do not have Acrobat, click here to access a free download from the "Adobe" website.

If you have Acrobat, you have two options: 1) open the LAFCU Membership Application file, save it on your computer, print out a copy on your printer, then use a black pen to fill in the requested information, or 2) use the "fill-in" style feature and enter then save your information on the Acrobat file. When done, sign and date on the bottom of page two, then mail the application to LAFCU with the appropriate initial deposit. If you have any questions, call us during business hours, or e-Mail us anytime. Once we receive your application, we will send you more helpful information about LAFCU, and a letter acknowledging that your account is open.

LAFCU Membership: Click to download the application to join LAFCU.

LACA Membership: Click to download, then print and fill out an application to join the Los Angeles Charitable Association, Inc. (LACA). You will also need to join LACA if you wish to join LAFCU and do not work for the City of Los Angeles, or are unrelated to someone who does. Click to read about LACA and its benefits.