Looney Tunes Savings Club

This club is for LAFCU members up to age 12, and is designed to help them learn about financial issues while having fun! A $5 opening deposit gives them membership to LAFCU and to the Looney Tunes Savings Club, where they'll receive a special membership kit with items bearing the familiar faces of Bugs Bunny® and the Tasmanian Devil®. Looney Tunes Saving Club members can also open a $100 minimum Share Certificate with terms up to 60 months.* LAFCU also hosts Looney Tunes Day at our branches - watch our newsletter for details.

Kids can learn about finances at Googolplex, a safe, wholesome website "e-Zine" with educational and fun info and games.


*Additional deposits of $50 or more are allowed anytime without changing the rate or term.