Electronic Deposits & Payments

Saving time and eliminating worry isn't a luxury - it's a requirement. With LAFCU's free automatic deposit and payment services, you'll save time and avoid worrying about stolen checks or late payments. Remember to only use your MICR/Checking account number (at the bottom of your paper checks) when setting up electronic payments or deposits.

Automatic Transfer

A free, convenient way to have money deposited into another LAFCU account or have your loan payments made automatically. Just let us know which account you want the money transferred from and where to transfer it to and you'll be set! Click here to download the "Automatic Transfer" form, then fill it out and mail it to us.

Direct Deposit

With this free, convenient service, your paycheck, retirement check, Social Security check or any recurring check is automatically deposited into your LAFCU checking or share savings account. Avoid worrying about having your checks lost or stolen, or making extra trips to the credit union to make deposits. To sign up, click to download an active or retiree form, then follow the instructions on the form.

Payroll Deduction

With payroll deduction, you can have a specific amount from your check deposited into your checking, savings, or Money Market account, or into another authorized LAFCU member's account. You can also have loan payments set up to be paid automatically - never worry about a late payment again. You still receive your paycheck, minus the deduction(s). To sign up, download either an Active LA City Employee Payroll Deduction Form, or a Retired LA City Employee Voluntary Payroll Deduction Form, along with the Worksheet for Voluntary Payroll Deduction.

Other Electronic Payments

Automatic debits for insurance premiums, health club payments, mortgage payments, and other regular payments can be deducted from your LAFCU Checking and Share Savings Accounts. Consult with the company receiving your payments to see if they provide automatic debit as a payment option.

When you apply for and are approved for Electronic Services, you will receive LAFCU's disclosures and agreements. Electronic deposits and payments are free services from LAFCU! E-Mail us to request more information. Your funds are easy to access too - contact us for details.