e-Bill Pay: Online Bill Paying

With our FREE e-Bill Pay service, you can set up one-time or recurring payments to be automatically paid. You set up the names of your creditors, the payment amount and the payment date and you're done. No stamps to buy, no extra trips to the post office and no more worries about late payments.

Managing your e-bills is easy, too. You can view, edit, delete and add pending payments, view payment history, and view and edit your list of payees.

Help Options:

  • Immediate Response: Call (800)823-7555.
  • 24/7 Self-Help Answers: Click the "Help" link on the bottom of any e-Bill Pay page.
  • 2 to 4 day Response: Click the "Contact Us" link on the bottom of any page inside e-Branch or e-Bill Pay, to email a question 24/7 to our "Customer Service" dept (from a drop-down menu, you´ll first select from the following topics Payment tracking, e-Mail notifications, Scheduled payments, How do I set up...?, technical support, or Other).

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Make Payments

The Make Payments section of the landing page allows you to quickly make payments and view bills. The convenient features are:

1) Payment navigation options:
Making a payment is fast and easy, since you are not required to leave the page.

  • Enter the bill amount, the date (either by selecting a date from the dynamic calendar or entering one into the date box), and then press "Pay"
  • After pressing Pay, e-Bill Pay will display a processing message, and then move the payment to the right-side Pending Payments section.
  • You are also shown a message about editing or canceling the payment.

Note: If you enter data into several fields, then press the Pay button, only the payment associated to the Pay button that is clicked will be made.

2) Single payment functionality:
This page offers a payment navigation to assist you, especially if you have many payees.

  • "Pay From" will display the funding accounts you had enabled for paying bills.
  • "Show" will display the following options: All Payees, Active Payees Only (will hide payees you had made Inactive in "Payee Details"), and E-bills Only (will display only those payees with E-bills due)
  • "Sort by" will display the following options: Name, Last Paid, Date due, and Pagination option (if you have over 50 payees...i.e. A-N, N-Z)

3) Add memo:
The ability to add a memo to an individual check payment is in the "Make Payments" workflow.

4)Additional payee options: View additional options available for a payee by clicking the down arrow next to a payee. The options available will vary depending on whether the payee offers E-bills and if you are receiving E-bills.


E-Bills, Pending Payments, Last 5 Payments and Other tasks

The right-side of the main page provides useful information without having to leave the page:

E-bills to be paid: Any received E-bills will be displayed and highlighted in a yellow box. Clicking on any link with pre-populate the amount and date into the Payee information on the left, and allow you to quickly make a payment

Pending Payments: Any pending payments will be displayed in this section. You may also view details or cancel the payment from this section. Clicking the details link will offer a window within the product to view the specifics of the payment.

Last 5 Processed Payments: The last 5 processed payments will be displayed, and you may access your full payment history by clicking on "View Reports" in the main navigation.

Other Tasks: Other frequently used tasks are listed in this section to provide you quick access to common requests.

Pay Someone New

The "Add Payee" process has been enhanced. The previous workflow instructed you to first add your payee, and then make a payment. After extensive usability studies and industry research, the workflow has been changed for adding a payee to make it more intuitive:

  • You must now indicate that you want to pay someone first, and during the process of making the payment also add the payee.
  • You may begin paying someone new by typing in the name of the person or company to pay. e-Bill Pay will begin to display payees matching the text that is typed.
  • If the payee is recognized, you will only need to add information required to send the payment, such as an account number.
  • Once you enter the required information, the payee is added and you may make a payment by clicking on "Go to Make Payments." You will also see the ability to add an E-bill, and may initiate the process by clicking on the “Get Started Now” link. Doing so will take you to the "Payee Details" to enable the Ebill.



1) PENDING PAYMENTS: How do I know if a payment I set up is pending to be paid?

Answer: After you enter the amount in the "Amount" field then click the "Pay" button, the payment for that payee appears immediately in the "Pending Payments" section on the right.

2) BILL TOTALS: If I pay multiple bills at one time, where does it show the total of all bills I have set up?

Answer: On the right side at the bottom of the "Pending Payments" section.

3) PAYMENT CANCELING: When I have set up a bill to be paid and it´s listed in the "Pending Payments" section, but decide later that I want to cancel it, until when can I cancel the payment so my account is not debited?

Answer: You can cancel any payment "until it processes," which means you can cancel any payment as long at it’s still listed/visible in the "Pending Payments" section.

4) REPORTS: How can I customize a report so that only certain bills are viewable?

(a) Click the "View history/reports" link at the top of the "Last Processed Payments" section or the top "View Report" link

(b) To the left of the "View" button, click the report you want to edit, then click the View button. The reports options are: Include All Dates, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, Last 90 days, Last 12 months, Current month, or you can create your own report and give it any name you want.

(c) On the far right, click "Edit/Delete Report"

(d) On the left, select the report name again, then click the "Edit report" button.

(e) On the "Edit/Delete a Report" page:

  • Report title: Keep or edit the current title
  • Time frame: Select a "pre-defined range" (like "Last 30 days" or "Include all Dates"), or set up a "custom date range"
  • Subtotal: Select from these options...Do Not Subtotal, Month, Quarter, Payee, Category, and Funding Account
  • Include: Select "Filed Items" or "Unpaid bills" or neither
  • Payees: Decide which payees you want on the report
  • Funding Accounts: Decide which accounts you want on the report
  • Payment Statuses: Click the button to the left of the items you want listed on the report. NOTE: If, for example, you do NOT want the report to list payments you canceled, then make sure the button next to "Canceled" is NOT selected.
  • Options: Check this box only if you want this report to be the "Default Report," meaning it will be the report selected and viewed automatically until you change it.
  • LAST OPTION: On the bottom of the page, either click "Save Changes" to keep the changes you just made, or click "Delete Report" to delete the report completely.

5) TIMING OF BILL PAYING: When do my eBills get paid?

Answer: Each bill you set up to be paid using e-Bill Pay is deducted the NEXT BUSINESS DAY from your LAFCU Checking account, if you had set it up prior to 4pm Pacific Time, then it takes an additional 5 to 7 business days (about ten calendar days) before your vendor is paid. Whatever date is displayed on the e-BillPay screen next to the amount in the "Send On" column is the approximate date that the funds for that vendor will be deducted from your LAFCU Checking account. The e-Bill Pay "Deliver by" date is the date the vendor should receive the payment. Vendors that can receive electronic payments get paid sooner than vendors who can only receive paper checks by US Mail, and this is evident because some "Deliver by" dates will show later dates than others. Since the U.S. Post Office can have delivery delays for various reasons, paper checks could take longer to reach the vendor than is stated as the "Deliver by" date.

6) BROWSERS: What browser should I use to access e-Branch and its services?

Answer: e-Branch and all of its features are optimized for use with certified/recommended internet browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x (including AOL 8 & 9), and 7.x, Netscape 7.2, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, and Safari 1.2. If you use other browsers, you may not be able to take full advantage of all e-Branch features.