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Our FREE, online, secure account access service is available 24/7 to a LAFCU member with Internet access. With e-Branch, you can:

  • Use e-Bill Pay to set up then pay bills 24/7
  • Use "Finance Works" (powered by Quicken) to aggregate then list your accounts from other financial institutions, categorize your transactions & spending, and make a budget then set goals & alerts ("Manage Money", "Outside Accounts" or "View My Spending")
  • Use "Check Card Rewards" to get cash back when shopping in-store or online at designated vendors with your LAFCU Check Card
  • Use e-Link Visa® to access Visa card transactions and history, make payments, and more (to access, click the name of your credit card)
  • Set up scheduled transfers between your accounts ("Move Money/Schedule a Transfer")
  • Transfer funds between accounts you own both at LAFCU and other financial institutions ("Move Money/External Transfers/Transfer")
  • Send money to virtually anyone using their email address, mobile phone number, or account info from their credit union or bank ("Move Money/External Transfers/Pay Other People: PopMoney")
  • Export account information into Quicken financial software (MS Money is not supported by Microsoft)
  • Make loan and Visa® card payments via account transfer
  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Place stop payments on a single check, or a series of checks
  • Change how you receive your e-Branch "Access/Verification Code" ("My Profile/Security")
  • Set up event notifications with e-Lerts
  • View images of cleared paper checks
  • View monthly statements and possible loan pre-approvals with online e-Statements
  • Use the "Forgotten Password" feature on the e-Branch log-on section to retrieve passwords (only if you have not been locked out of e-Branch)

The best thing is that e-Branch goes where you go - giving you 24/7 virtual access to your LAFCU accounts. Contact us during business hours to set up your free e-Branch Password. After calling us to get your free e-Branch Access Password, click here to access e-Branch.

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Enhanced Security

You can feel confident when conducting online transactions using e-Branch because U.S. government-required layers of security called "e-Branch Enhanced Security" (EES) and "Enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication" (EMFA) are enabled. This security helps protect your online identity, combat "phishing" attacks, and prevent fraud.

After contacting LAFCU during business hours and setting up a secret e-Branch Password, before you access e-Branch you must securely identify yourself as follows:

  1. Enroll your computer with a Verification Code: You will choose to have the Code sent to either your mobile phone, home phone, or email. Once your computer is enrolled, a browser cookie will be placed in it. Each time you or your computer deletes the cookie, you will need to re-authenticate and get another Verification Code. It is recommended that you set your browser to not automatically delete cookies each time you close your Internet browser. Get Help setting up the Verification Code.
  2. Change Your Password: For your protection, you should change your e-Branch Password at least once every three to six months. You can change it yourself 24/7 when inside e-Branch.
  3. Browsers & Operating Systems: e-Branch and all of its features are optimized for use with certified/recommended Internet browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x or 9.x, Firefox 4+, and Safari 5.0. If you use other browsers (like Google Chrome), you may not be able to take full advantage of all e-Branch features. Smartphone and tablet users must use their device’s most current operating system to access e-Branch.

Unavailable e-Branch & Mobile Service Times in 2015
Due to scheduled maintenance, ALL E-BRANCH SERVICES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE from 9:30pm until 1:30am Pacific Standard Time on the dates below. We apologize for the inconvenience, and recommend you conduct business before or after these times:

January 10 & 24 ... February 7 & 21 ... March 7 & 21 ... April 18 ... May 16... June 6 & 20
July 11 & 25 … August 8 & 22 … Sept 19 … Oct. 10 & 24 … Nov. 7 & 21 … Dec. 12