Accessing LAFCU 24/7 is easy with our FREE e-Services

Account Access

Review your LAFCU accounts, pay bills, and more. Click for details about e-Branch access security features.

e-Bill Pay
In Branch, set up then pay any bill online.

e-Check Images
In e-Branch from the checking account screen: view, download, save & print the front & back images of your cleared paper checks from the past 90 days.

e-Link Visa®
In e-Branch from the "Online Services" link, sign up then access the past 90 days for your LAFCU Visa credit card history.

In e-Branch, sign up then start saving trees & time by reviewing your monthly statements online instead of waiting for paper statements.

Funds Transfer
In e-Branch, securely transfer funds electronically between your accounts at LAFCU and your accounts at over 23,000 approved financial institutions nationwide. Transfers can be initiated immediately, scheduled for a future date, or on a recurring basis. No fee at LAFCU but other financial institutions may charge.

Additional e-Services

In e-Branch: free account alerts can be set up to send you an e-mail or messages to devices with text-messaging capabilities. Select from the options available (such as when balances reach a certain amount, or when a certain check has cleared) and you will automatically be notified.

e-Mail (secure)
From our "e-Mail & Info Request" web page, submit secure, encrypted, sensitive, personal requests (containing account numbers, check numbers, etc.) regarding your LAFCU account or to send us any requests or comments.

e-Mail (non-secure)
Send non-sensitive e-Mail to memberservices@lafcu.org

Access two FREE, online magazines that contain current, practical
financial information:
Googolplex is designed for members up to age 17
Home and Family Finance Resource Center is for all ages.

Verified by Visa®
Online shopping protection for your LAFCU Check Card or Visa Card

Loan Applications

e-Business Loans
Apply for a small business loan.

e-Home Loan
Apply for a home loan.

e-Loan Express
Apply for a Visa® credit card, or a Boat, Motorcycle, Personal Computer, Personal Line of Credit, RV, Vehicle, Savings-Secured, Share Certificate-Secured, or Signature loan.