Check Card

Check Card

You'll always want to have this handy three-in-one piece of plastic. It's a convenient way to pay using the credit (signature based) or debit (PIN based) option anywhere Visa® is accepted, and serves as an ATM card. You can also use it as a debit card at any STAR SYSTEM®, PLUS® or EXCHANGE Point-of-Sale location (third-party fees may apply). All transactions are deducted from your LAFCU checking account. As long as you have the funds in your Checking account, the maximum daily withdrawals are $500 (PIN-based transactions) and $2,500 (signature-based transactions).

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"Verified by Visa®" Secures Your Online Transactions

Before you shop online, be sure to register for a FREE "Verified by Visa®" Password. Whenever you use the Password with your LAFCU Visa® Card or Check Card during online purchases at participating merchants, you'll be protected against unauthorized online use of your card. Click to access the "Verified by Visa®" registration page. You can also click to read about this very useful and secure service.

Check Card Usage Tips

  • If your card is lost, stolen, or you suspect it has been fraudulently used, immediately call (888) 918-7820
  • Your new Check Card PIN will arrive in a secure envelope within 5 business days after you receive your Card. To activate the Card, call (866) 985-2273 (this number is printed on a removable label affixed to your card, when the card arrives).
  • Keep your receipts in a safe, consistent place
  • Memorize your PIN and keep it private ... never give it to anyone
  • Know your approximate Checking Account balance; use TouchTel -24 or e-Branch for information
  • Always notate your Check Card transactions in your paper or electronic checkbook (like Quicken or MS Money)
  • If you use a Check Card at hotels, car rental agencies, or some other merchants, be aware they are allowed to "pre-authorize" amounts equal to anticipated charges. This puts a hold on your Checking Account for that amount and you will not have access to that amount until the merchant removes the pre-authorization. This same pre-authorization has always been allowed with Visa credit cards, where a portion of your credit line is not available until the pre-authorization is removed.
  • Some merchants (like department stores) may use their "Charge Card Imprinter" device to process your Check Card transaction, by making an imprint of your card on a charge card receipt form (funds are still withdrawn from your Checking Account)