Credit Card Breaches


Credit Card breaches seem to be happening more and more. It was widely reported in 2008 about a breach at TJX, the operator of TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods stores. This breach may have affected almost 46 million debit and credit cards. It has also been widely reported in 2009 that Heartland Payment Systems, the processor for over 250,000 merchants and restaurants had a breach of 3.5 million credit and debit cards. All breaches by merchants or processors for merchants that affect millions of credit card accounts can also affect LAFCU members.

What can you do to protect yourself? Always look at your Visa and Checking statements and let us know immediately if you see any questionable transactions. If you report transactions timely, you may have no responsibility for the charge. However, if you don´t look at your statements and report transactions timely, you may be responsible. LAFCU has never had a breach of credit card data and we use sophisticated programs to look for unusual Visa activity and contact members to verify charges that seem unusual for you. For other helpful tips on protecting yourself from Credit Card and other fraud, see the other information in our website´s Security Center.