Buy Foreign Currency
Before You Travel

LAFCU, through a special arrangement with the established "eZforex" company, is proud to offer you a convenient, safe, and secure method of purchasing foreign currency for over 120 countries. To purchase, either click the "Buy Currency Today" link below 24/7, or visit any LAFCU branch during business hours.

Here's What You Get

  • Click to Buy Currency Today & Travel Prepared! Avoid the 3% SURCHARGE when using your favorite credit card overseas on purchases (since April 2005, major credit card companies began adding a 3% surcharge to all currency purchases made overseas. The charge is added to your regular monthly statement. It's always best to arrive in a country with some of the currency in your pocket)
  • Click to set up an e-Mail Reminder: Not ready to buy today? Just complete the online form and you will be emailed a FREE reminder 30 days prior to your departure.
  • Unsure how much foreign currency you'll need? With Currency Price Protection (CPP) you can purchase up to $2,500 in US dollars of most foreign currencies and return any amount at the same exchange rate that you originally purchased.
  • Avoid waiting in long lines to exchange currency at the airport after a long flight.
  • Avoid unnecessary fees and inflated currency exchange rates in airports, hotels, and banks.
  • For a small delivery fee, your currency can be sent directly to your home or office, or to LAFCU, where you can pick it up during business hours.