Design Your Own Visa® Card

Design Your Own Card (DYOC), offered by Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU), allows you to customize the front of your LAFCU Visa® credit card by uploading your personal custom image or choosing an image from an online catalog. This service is not yet available for the LAFCU Check (debit) Card. Below are FAQs and detailed procedures for ordering an image.

DEMONSTRATION: Click to view an interactive demonstration of how easy it is to order a DYOC image. You must have the free "Flash Player" software installed on your computer to view this demonstration.


AUTHORIZED USER: My Primary Cardholder submitted a DYOC image...can I as the Authorized user also submit a request or must I wait 60 days?
You must submit a DYOC image within the same day. If a DYOC card has been ordered within 60 days, you will not be able to order a new one online.

COST: What is the cost?
$20 (charged to your LAFCU Visa credit card) each time you order a new DYOC image that is approved to print on your LAFCU Visa credit card. If your card is new or any changes have been made in the past 60 days to your card´s account (like an address change, adding a user, lost, stolen, etc.), for your security you must wait until 60 consecutive calendar days have passed after the change before you can order a new DYOC image. Up to two people who share a Visa card account number can order the same image for their two cards for one $20 fee.

CURRENT CARD: Will I be able to use my current credit card while waiting for my custom DYOC to arrive?
Yes, you can use it until your new DYOC is received and activated. Your current card cannot be used once you activate your DYOC card.

CONFIRMATION: How will I know if my DYOC image has been approved or denied?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the approval or denial of your image. If it is denied, you can always go back and request a different image.

DIFFERENT IMAGE: Can I have a different card image than any authorized user?
Yes. Each user (primary, secondary, and "authorized") with the same card account number can customize each of their cards with a different DYOC image for a separate $20 fee per user.

EXPIRATION: When my card expires, will I have the same DYOC image on my new card?
Yes, when your card expires the same image as your most recent requested DYOC will be used again for no additional fee.

HOW?: How do I design my own card?
First, upload a personal image of your own on your computer´s desktop, or select from our library of images during the ordering process. Second, follow the step-by-step directions to crop, rotate, or flip your uploaded personal image; or confirm the image you selected from our catalog (you will see the final image on the screen). Finally, review and submit your order or save it for later. SEE COMPLETE PROCEDURES BELOW THESE FAQs

LOSE CARD: If I lose my card, will my replacement card have my personalized image chosen with DYOC?
Yes, your replacement card will have the same image as your most recent DYOC request; but should report the card lost immediately to avoid the risks of fraud.

NEW DYOC CARD: What should I do once I receive my new DYOC card?

  • Activate it by calling the phone number printed on the removable label affixed to the card.
  • Contact any vendors with whom you had set up recurring Visa card payments and tell them the card´s new expiration date.
  • Destroy your old card.

NEW IMAGES: How often can I update my image using DYOC?
Once a DYOC request is approved on your account, other cardholders on the account need to design their cards the same day to ensure they are not blocked for the specified period. Each Account is allowed to order a new DYOC card one time every 60 consecutive days (a $20 fee is charged for each approved order).

NEW PLASTIC: Why do all cardholders on the account receive a new plastic when someone uses DYOC?
When a cardholder uses DYOC a new expiration date is set on the account, and new plastics are sent to all cardholders to ensure their cards have the correct expiration date.

NOT ALLOWED: What images can be denied or rejected?

  • Advertising or promotional materials or branded products
  • Alcohol, tobacco or firearms
  • Athletes, entertainers, celebrities, musicians, or cartoon characters
  • Controversial subject matter such as religious or political statements or images
  • Copyrighted or trademarked material
  • Illegal or anti-social behavior
  • Nudity or semi-nudity
  • Profanity or other obscene behavior or gestures
  • Provocative, sexual, violent or otherwise offensive
  • Socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior or signs
  • Telephone numbers or URL (website) addresses
  • Text of any kind anywhere on the image
  • Time/date stamp on photo (this is not allowed because it could be mistaken for your credit card´s expiration date...which could create confusion and possible declines at a merchant)
  • Violent acts or death imagery

OTHER CARDHOLDERS: If I create a custom card using DYOC, will other cardholders on the account receive the same card?
No, when you use DYOC you are customizing your own card. New plastics are sent to all cardholders with an updated expiration date, but their images will not be affected by your custom card request.

PIN: When I order my DYOC, will my card´s PIN number change?
No, your PIN will remain the same. This PIN is only used at an ATM when getting cash advances from your card´s credit line. Contact LAFCU during business hours at (877) MY LAFCU (695-2328) to get your free Visa credit card PIN.

SPECIFICATIONS: What image specifications does DYOC require?
If you are providing a personal image (photo or graphic), it must be either in BMP, GIF, JPG, or TIFF format. The image size should be at least 2100 pixels wide by 1344 pixels tall. Four megabytes (4mb) is the maximum size accepted. The larger and higher resolution of your image - the better your image will appear when printed on the Visa card. If you need help preparing your image, consult with someone you trust who understands and can follow these specifications. LAFCU is unable to prepare the image for you.

WHO: Who may request a customized card with DYOC?
Anyone with a valid, activated LAFCU Visa credit card.


1) If you are providing your own DYOC image, you must first clear your computer´s cache, cookies and browsing history. If you are unsure how to do this, consult with a computer professional you trust.

2) Enter e-Branch, then on the "Account Summary" page in the "Loan Accounts" section, click on the name of your credit card to access the e-Link Visa® page.

3) In e-Link Visa®, on the upper right, click "Online Services."

4) Online Services Page: In the "Services" section of the "My Profile" section, click "Design Your Own Card." NOTE: You will NOT be able to order a DYOC image if your card is new, or any changes had been made in the past 60 days to your card´s account (like an address change or adding a user), or currently has an External Status code (like bankrupt, closed, fraud, frozen, lost, revoked, or stolen).

5) Security Verification page: enter the zip code associated with the address your Visa card paper statement gets mailed (or would get mailed if you have Visa e-Statements).

6) Design Your Own Card page: in the dropdown to the right of "Design Card for," click the card´s name to which you want to add a DYOC image, then click the "Continue" button.

7) Click the "OK" button on the pop-up message "By clicking OK, you will be redirected to a site other than your financial institution in order to Design Your Own Card."

8) Welcome screen: On the bottom of this page is a text link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the cost of the card. Please read the "Terms and Conditions," click the box to the left of "I agree to the Terms and Conditions on this web site," then click the "Next Step" button.

9a) Click "SELECT FROM CATALOG" to choose an image from the online catalog (there are separate suggested designs for each card type, and other card design categories such as Animal Kingdom, By the Seashore, Creative & Artistic, and Travel Destinations). ...OR...
9b) Click "UPLOAD AN IMAGE" to upload your own digital image to place on your Visa card. Your image (photo or graphic) must be either in BMP, GIF, JPG, or TIFF format. The image size must be at least 2100 pixels wide by 1344 pixels tall and 4mb is the maximum size accepted. The larger and higher resolution of your image, the better your image will appear when printed on the card. If you need help preparing your image, consult with someone you trust who understands these specifications since LAFCU is unable to prepare the image for you. Be aware that an image you provide could be rejected for reasons specified in FAQ "NOT ALLOWED: What images can be denied or rejected?" If the card gets rejected, you can always return to DYOC and provide another image, or choose an image from the pre-approved online DYOC catalog.

To upload your own image:

  • On the "Design" page in the "Upload Your Photo" section, click the blue button "Click Here to Upload an Image."
  • Browse your computer to find your image and click on it to select it, then click the "Open" button on the lower right of the "open" screen. If you chose an image that does not follow the DYOC size specifications, you will see this error message "The image you selected is too small. Use an image at least 480 x 480 pixels in size. The image you have selected is ___ x ___."
  • Wait until the image you selected finishes loading. Larger images take longer to load.

10) Resizing Page: You will now see your card image on a sample Visa card with your name and a generic account number. If you provided your own image, you can resize, flip, and rotate it. To move the image up & down or side to side or zoom in & out, use the left-side slider bar. Catalog images cannot be altered. When done, click the "Next Step" button.

11) New User Registration Page: Enter your email address, create a password, select a Security question and provide the answer, then click the "Register" button. NOTE: The password must use at least 2 of each of the following: lower case, upper case, numeric or special characters. The password cannot contain more than 2 repeating characters or 2 sequential characters. The email you provide will be used to notify you when your card image has been approved or disapproved.

12) Save or Order Your Card page: View your card layout then if you like it, read the site´s Terms & Conditions, click the box next to "I agree to this web site´s Terms and Conditions," then click the “"Order Card" button. Do NOT click the "Save" button unless you want to stop the card ordering process and return another time. If you click "Save" by accident:

(a) You will quickly receive this email:
Subject: Your Design Your Own Card Order Saved

Text: Thank you for saving your "Design Your Own Card " order. You may revisit the "Design Your Own Card" system within 7 days and resume your order.

(b) On your "My Cards" DYOC page, to the right of "status" will be "In Design."

13) My Cards page: PRINT this page for your has your Order ID#, date the card was ordered, and the card"s approval status (the status will say "In Review" if you provided your own design, or show an instant approval "Approved" message if you chose a catalog image).

14) Email: You will be sent an email thanking you for the order. It could take up to THREE business days for you to receive an emailed response to your request. This is the email:

Subject: Your Design Your Own Card Order Confirmation

Text: Thank you for your "Design Your Own Card" order. Your design has been submitted for review by our image review group. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the approval process is complete. If your design is disapproved for any reason, you will be notified of the reason and given an opportunity to correct the issue.

Please reference Order Number: ######.

Please do not reply to this email. Please contact Member Services.

Los Angeles FCU

15) Approval or Disapproval:
(a) If your card image was approved, you´ll get your new card with a re-set expiration date within 21 calendar (15 business) days. Once you get your new card and activate it, you must destroy your old card because it will no longer be valid.

(b) If your card image was NOT approved, (a) you will get an email explaining why it was not approved, and/or (b) you can return to e-Link Visa, click the "Online Services " text link, click "Design Your Own Card" in the "Services" section of "My Profile," then the disapproval reason will be displayed on the screen.

Sample disapproval message:
"The design/image contains or depicts copyrighted, trademarked or branded products and/or services that may include logos, vehicle names or logos; commercial products such as sporting equipment, soft drink or food companies; abbreviations, acronyms, and/or symbols. Any published images in print, on the internet, commercial advertising campaigns or published photography and paintings of any nature cannot be used if not owned by cardholder with a valid certification of ownership."